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2017 diaries, like our national politics, is very unsettled. We started the year with a New Year day ride to Red's Restaurant with Walt to meet Bill who came down from Jacksonville.  It was a great day.

Next week we will have the # One Oyster Tour and will be reporting on it. Look for the page tab at the top.

There are several working plans. The major one will be a trip to the Greek isle of Paros to do a tribute ride to Al, the founder of the Mediterranean Scooter Club.  A great guy who suddenly passed away at Christmas.  He had a good run and was one of the once in a lifetime people you meet.

I am fiddling with cross country ride to California and back.  It is in the planning stages and will all depend on a possible construction project.  My efforts to buy garage/warehouse failed due to crazy prices and so I decided to tear down my garage and build a new one for my scooters and Vicki's stuff and a care giver suite on top.  Vicki calls it a master bedroom, but some day we will not be able to climb the stairs and the care give will live there to take care of me in my old years.

There may be a new scooter in the future. I have been toying with the idea for awhile, but I recently sold my last albatross of real estate and my share of the sale is the exact amount of a new scooter within dollars.  That is a omen and means it should happen.
So, stay tuned.  It should be a busy and interesting year.

Walt, as usual, in my rear view mirror

The rare sight of me in Walt's rear view mirror.

The end of the road

Bill and Walt at Red's

We don't need no stinkin' gas pump